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Advances in Medicine and Science Technology emerges from new ideas and approach developed through Research.

Central Research Laboratory (CRL) was established at Rajas Dental College and Hospital by our Honorable Chairman Dr. Jacob Raja, with view to contribute multidisciplinary R&D activities and offer platform to Researchers to avail lab facility. CRL has dedicated team of experienced Clinicians, Academicians, Scientists, and Public Health Researchers.
    Our Team
  • Experienced Clinicians
  • Skilled Academicians
  • Research Scientists
  • Public Health Researchers

Our Facilities

Give shape to your best experiments

Cell Culture Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility offers a controlled environment essential for the growth, maintenance, and study of various cell types.


Animal House

Our Animal House is registered with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA)



Formulation Facility, where scientific innovation thrives through the development of novel Dental based Nano formulations especially Nano micelles, Nano dispersions.

Why choose us?

Why RMI Central Research laboratory is the Best

RMI CRL has dedicated team of experienced Clinicians, Academicians, Scientists, and Public Health Researchers. CRL is committed to link the bench-to-bedside gap with the energetic teamwork of clinicians and scientists.

Qualified Team

CRL has dedicated team of experienced Clinicians, Academicians, Scientists, and Public Health Researchers.

Certified Laboratory

CRL is devoted towards translational research in the area of clinical, dentistry and life sciences.

Advanced Instruments

CRL has well-equipped advanced instrument facilities with up-to-date technologies.

Animal Cell Culture Facility

CRL has separate labs viz. Animal Cell Culture Facility for in vitro studies, Biochemistry Lab for salivary biomarker-based studies









Our Services

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Molecular and
Genetic Research

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Herbal and Analytical

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Dental Research

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Hematological and
Biochemical Analysis

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Analysis and Research

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CRL Responsibilities

  • CRL will perform and support the research projects of RMI (Rajas Dental College and Hospital, SA Raja Pharmacy College, Sardar Rajas College of Nursing, Rajas Institute of Allied Health Sciences).
  • CRL will prepare the budget for the projects received (both internal/external) and will execute.
  • CRL will perform the internal research projects/sample analysis/testing’s in such a way the internal staff/student has to coordinate the studies along with CRL staff.
  • CRL will also perform external sample analysis received from various institutions (Universities/Colleges).
  • CRL will perform consultancy projects.
  • CRL will supports towards the transfer of technologies to other firms commercially.
  • CRL will conduct Seminars/Workshops/Guest Lecture based on revenue model in all colleges of RMI.
  • CRL will frequently conduct programmes on scientific writing/proposal writing/grants application etc in various colleges of RMI.
  • CRL will motivate faculties to apply funded projects (frequent sessions will be conducted).
  • CRL will frequently updates the call for proposals from government funding agencies to all College Principals through Director (with an aim to circulate among faculties).
  • CRL encourage and will create a compulsion that all Professors and HODs to submit at least two proposals in a year for funding to the funding agencies (DST/ DST- SERB/ DBT/ ICMR/ DHR/ UGC/ AYUSH/ DRDO/ CSIR/ TNSCST etc).
  • CRL encourage faculties to apply Conference/Seminar/Workshop grant from various government funding agencies with an aim to conduct programmes under the banner of government funding agencies.
  • CRL will coordinate in publishing research articles/review articles/book chapters/magazines in reputed journals/books/Magazines.
  • CRL will execute collaborations with other International/National institutions.
  • CRL will execute MOUs with other institutions to foster research and will supports colleges under RMI in signing MOUs.
  • CRL will purchase consumables essential for research in CRL by following the purchase norms of RMI (three quotations will be received and purchase order will be issued to the firm quoting the lowest price).
  • CRL will maintains the stocks.
  • CRL will submit the Utilization certificate for every financial year.
  • CRL will support Young Faculties to register PhD.
  • CRL will encourage, promote and coordinate research in thrust areas of International/national importance.
  • Overall CRL will look after research metrics of RMI and brings RMI with global visibility.


To develop RMI as a Centre for Excellence in advanced Research and Development.


  • To draw the research attention towards priority on International/National needs.
  • To tap funds for research.
  • To motivate young talented minds in research and to inculcate research culture among staffs/students of RMI.

Expand research activities in new avenues and emerging segments.

Network with experts in other Institutions and to foster collaborations.


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